Fast Check-In and Check-Out!
We value your time deeply and we took this into consideration when we designed the fast check-out option. No queues, no hassle when using MySensoo!
Room Orders using Your Mobile Phone!
With our app you can access the restaurant or bar menu on your phone, tablet or laptop any time. More importantly, you can make room orders as well as appointing the desired cleaning hours for your room, all from one interface. Easy and fun!
Reservations Made Easy!
With MySensoo you can book a restaurant reservation, make a spa appointment or even book a chaise longue at the hotel pool on your phone. Moreover, booking a taxi cab or an airport transfer in advance is now possible with MySensoo. All for your convenience!
Keep Up with Everything that’s Going On!
MySensoo keeps you notified and informed regarding the latest hotel offers and upcoming events directly on your mobile phone! Relish in the best experiences the hotel has to offer!

Meet MySensoo

With MySensoo you can make the most of what the hotel has to offer, most of your stay at the hotel, and beyond!

MySensoo is a fast communication platform specially designed to help you interact with the hotel. You can use MySensoo from any computer or laptop with an internet connection, as well as directly on your mobile phone or tablet. For this you simply need to download the MySensoo app from Google Play or AppStore.

Here are the 3 steps on how to use MySensoo right away.