How to Start Using MySensoo

The MySensoo platform is really easy to use! You can access it anytime from your laptop, or you can download the MySensoo app directly to your mobile phone or tablet. All you have to do is:

1. Create an Account
Create an user account by accessing the Log In page at or in the MySensoo app. Click on Register, fill in the information there and you will receive a confirmation notification on your email address.

2. Enter the code
To enter your MySensoo account, just click on the „Check-in” button on the top right corner. Enter the 5 digits code you’ve received at the reception and that’s it!

3. Welcome to MySensoo!
After entering the 5 digit code you will have access to the hotel’s interface, from where you can enjoy all the facilities and features MySensoo places at your disposal. When your stay at the hotel has expired, you will automatically be restricted from accessing MySensoo.

With MySensoo you can enjoy all the hotel features and facilities in the easiest and fastest way possible. So let’s see what MySensoo can actually do for you and how to make the most of it!

What You Can Use MySensoo For

1. The Events of the Day
During your hotel stay, MySensoo will keep you up to date with the events that take place in the hotel, through real-time notifications. Concerts, happy hours, themed evenings, you name it! Be the first to discover the latest events, offers and hotel news directly on your mobile phone!

2. Restaurant
With MySensoo you can access the complete restaurant menu using your mobile phone or tablet. Moreover, you can order the most appetizing dishes directly in your room, no need to call the reception or the restaurant. Simple, elegant and … delicious!

3. Bar
The complete drinks menu as well as other useful information with regards to the bar is available on MySensoo. Of course, you have the option to order your favorite drinks in the room using the app.

4. Pampering and Relaxation
All the hotel facilities for leisure, relaxation and sport are detailed in MySensoo. You can use it to make spa reservations ahead, book pool chaise longue in advance or make other reservations of the sorts. MySensoo makes pampering easy!

5. Room-Service
You can now schedule ahead he preferred cleaning hours for your room directly from your MySensoo account. Even more, the app makes available to you all the useful info such as phone numbers, Wi-Fi password, TV guide or mini bar info, all in one place.

6. Calling a Cab
Do you need a taxi cab real quick? Using MySensoo you can make advance taxi reservations at the desired hour. No complications, no trouble

7. Airport Transfer Reservation
Do you have a flight to catch? We’ve figured this out for you too. With MySensoo you can now make fast airport transfer reservations using your mobile phone or laptop. Neat!

8. Enjoy the Local Flavors
Either you’re on a leisure or business travel, a little relaxation never killed anybody. MySensoo invites you to discover the surroundings as well paying a visit to the city by booking the tourist guide service of the hotel. All the information on the matter, are already made available to you in your MySensoo account.

9. Fast Check-Out
We value your time with us! This is why we’ve figured cutting down on the check-out time with the fast check-out option might be something you’ll enjoy. With MySensoo, you now have this option available to you!

10. You’re in Complete Control
Can’t remember each and every booking or room order you’ve made during your stay? You don’t have to because MySensoo keeps account of all your actions. The ordering and reservations history is detailed in your MySensoo account, so that you’re in total control of your expenditures. If you don’t remember the exact time for a reservation, you can always look it up in your MySensoo account as well as the exact times for the check-in and check-out. Why bother remembering everything? With MySensoo you can relax and enjoy a great hotel stay, while having everything in control!

11. Your Feedback Is Important
How was your stay at our hotel? Before you go, please leave us your feedback with regards to your overall experience with us. Don’t want to tell us up front? Drop a line in the Feedback section of your MySensoo account. We hope you had a lovely stay and you are most welcome back anytime!

Good to Know about MySensoo

  • MySensoo is an online communication platform specially created for the hospitality industry. You can use it on your laptop but also on your mobile phone or tablet, because it also comes with an app. The MySensoo app is compatible with Android and iOS, that you can easily download from Google Play or AppStore.
  • The MySensoo account is cost-free and it is created once for all the MySensoo partner hotels that use our platform. Once the account created, you can use it in all the MySensoo partner hotels, without needing to create a new account for each hotel.
  • Once you’ve checked into an MySensoo hotel, all that’s left is to check into the MySensoo account, by entering the 5 digit code you’re received at the reception.
  • When you’re hotel stay has expired, your access to MySensoo is automatically restricted, and the Check-In button will reappear on top right.
Make the most of what the hotel has to offer to you by creating an MySensoo account right now!